Semester I


Semester II


First Year

  1. BAF111 Principles of Accounting I                        
  2. SSE121 Introduction to Micro Economics  
  3. MSM131 Mathematics                                          
  4. BBC151 Business Communication  
  5. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainable behavior
  1. SSE122  Introduction to Macro Economics              
  2. MSM192   Business Mathematics                                         
  3. BEN142  Introduction to Entrepreneurship              
  4. ICT132  Introduction to Computer Software Packages
  5. BAF112 Principles of Accounting  II*


Second Year

  1. BAF211 Financial Accounting I                               
  2. BAF221 Cost& Management Accounting I              
  3. MSS241 Business Statistics I                               
  4. BMG241 Principles of Management                        
  5. LIR251 Business Law I
  1. BAF222  Cost &Management Accounting II           
  2. MSS242  Business Statistics II                                              
  3. BMK242  Principles of Marketing                            
  4. LIR252  Business Law II                                          
  5. BAF212 Financial Accounting II*

Third Year

  1. BAF311 Financial Reporting
  2. BAC321 Government and NFP Accounting
  3. BAC331 Financial Management & Risk Appraisal
  4. BMG381 Organizational Behavior
  5. BMG391 Human Resource Management
  1. BAF312 Advanced Management Accounting
  2. BAF322 Taxation I                                     
  3. BEC332 Managerial Economics
  4. BAC372 Financial Markets & Institutions
  5. BMG382 International Business & Marketing

Fourth Year

  1. BAF400   Business Research & Project Development
  2. BAC411 Corporate Finance
  3. BAF421 Auditing  I
  4. BMG461 Strategic Business Management & Policy
  5. BAF431 Taxation II
  1. BAF432 Advanced Financial  Reporting
  2. BAF462 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  3. BAC442 Accounting Information Systems(+Lab)
  4. BMG452 Operations Research
  5. BAF422 Auditing II
  6. BAF400 Business Research & Project Development

The Programme is accredited with ACCA.As a result Students pursuing this programme will be extempted from 9 fundamental levels from ACCA's Professional Qualification;upon completion Students will be able to enroll at ACCA Professional(Final) level.It is also accredited by CIMA,upon completion Students will be able to enroll in CIMA programme at Strategic Level.