Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Education Programme Structure


Semester I

Semester II

First Year

  1. EDU111 Development of Education in Zambia
  2. BCS151 Communication and Study Skills
  3. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainable Behaviour in Society
  4. MSM131 Mathematics I
  5. SSE121 Introduction to Economics I
  6. AGA100 Farm Practice
  1. EDU112 Education and Development
  2. ICT132 Introduction to Computer Software
  3. MSM152 Mathematics II
  4. AGA122 Fundamentals of Agriculture
  5. AGA100 Farm Practice
  6. SSE122 Introduction to Economics II

Second Year

  1. EDU211 Educational Psychology
  2. AGA231 Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals
  3. AGA221 Vegetable and Fruit Production
  4. MSS231 Statistics
  5. ALW211 Introduction to Soil Science
  1. EDU212 Sociology of Education
  2. BEN142 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  3. AGA242 Agricultural Biometry
  4. ALW222 Soil Fertility and Productivity 
  5. ALW232 Agro-climatology

Third Year

  1. EDU311 Special Needs Education
  2. AGA331 Management of Farm Animals
  3. AGA311 Crop Production
  4. AGA301 Agricultural Entrepreneurship Practice
  5. AGA341 Agricultural Genetics

  1. EDU302 School Experience
  2. EDU332 Gender and  Sexuality Education
  3. EDU312 Education Measurement and  Evaluation
  4. EDU322 General Teaching Methods
  5. AGA Principles of Agricultural Business Management
  6. AGA332 Seed Production and Technology

Fourth Year

  1. EDU401 Educational Research Methods
  2. EDU411 Educational Management and Administration
  3. AGA421 Agricultural Extension Education
  4. AGA411 Farm Structures and Mechanization
  5. AGA441 Plant and Animal Breeding
  1. EDU402 Research Project
  2. EDU412 Curriculum Studies
  3. EDU432 Advanced Teaching Methods
  4. AGA432 Aquaculture
  5. AGA462 Agricultural Development Policy