Semester I


Semester II


First Year

  1. LIR111 Labour, Capital and Politics I
  2. SSE121 Introduction to Micro Economics
  3. SIR111 Introduction to Political Science
  4. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainable Behaviour
  5. BCS151 Communication and Study Skills
  1. LIR112 Labour, Capital and Politics II
  2. SSE122 Introduction to Macro Economics
  3. SSF112 Fundamentals of Social Sciences II
  4. ICT132 Introduction to Software Packages
  5. BEN142 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Second Year

  1.  BHR211 Human Resource Management I
  2. LIR211 Zambian Labour Laws
  3. SPA211 Organisational Theory
  4. SLG221 Local Government Administration
  5. SSS241 Qualitative Research Methods


  1. SSW222 Community Development
  2. BHR212 Human Resource Management II
  3. SPA212 National Government & Administration
  4. LIR212 Fundamentals of Labour Administration
  5. SSS242 Quantitative Research Methods


Third Year 

  1. SPA321 Public Policy Analysis
  2. SPA311 Development Administration
  3. SSS351 Gender and Development
  4. LIR331 Industrial Relations I
  5. LIR351 Social Security Systems and Administration
  1. SEC332 Public Finance
  2. SEC312 Comparative Public Administration
  3. LIR362 Compensation Administration
  4. LIR332 Industrial Relations II
  5. LIR352 Administrative Law

Fourth Year

  1. SPA411 Public Management
  2. SPA421 Public Enterprise Management
  3. SPA431 Programme Evaluation
  4. LIR431 Employment and Labour Law I
  5. LIR450 Research Project In Labour/SSS 471 Human Development 
  1. SPA412 Strategic Management in the Public Sector
  2. SSW442 Social Policy Analysis
  3. LIR432 Employment and Labour Law II
  4. LIR442 Collective Bargaining and Approaches to Dispute Resolution
  5. LIR450 Research Project in Labour/ SSS 442 Research Project in PA