Semester I


Semester II


First Year

  1. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainable Behaviour In Society
  2. SIR111 Introduction too Political Science
  3. ICT131 Introduction to Computer Science
  4. SSE121 Micro Economics
  5. BCS151 Communication and Study Skills I
  1. SSE122 Macro Economics
  2. BEN142 Entreprenuership
  3. BCS142 Introduction to Media Studies
  4. BCS152 Communication and Study Skills II
  5. BCS152 Communication and Study Skills II

Second Year

  1. BCS211 English for Professional Communication
  2. BCS221 Media Law and Ethics
  3. BCS231 Media Relations
  4. BCS241 Media and Social Context
  5. SIR221 Introduction to International Relations


  1. BCS212 Media In Zambia
  2. BCS222 Broadcasting Skills
  3. SPA212 National Government And Administration
  4. BCS242 Radio Newsroom
  5. BCS252 Media and Identity

Third Year

  1. BPR301 Foundations of Public Relations
  2. BPR311Public Relations Event Management
  3. BPR321Social, Company and State Protocol
  4. BPR331Organisational Behaviour
  5. BPR341 Corporate Communication, Issues and Crises
  1. BPR302 Global Communications
  2. BPR3112 Customer Relations
  3. BPR322 Cases In Public Relations
  4. BPR332 
  5. BPR342 Public Speaking

Fourth Year

  1. BPR451Themes in Global Politics
  2. BPR461 Social and Online Media Strategies
  3. BAC401 Research Methods
  4. BPR481 Public Relations: Fashion, Music and The Arts
  5. BMG461 Strategic management
  1. BPR452 International Public Relations
  2. BAC402 Research Project
  3. BPR472 Public Relations Campaigns
  4. BPR482 Advertising Media and Branding
  5. Finding Content In Reortage