Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES)

The degree programme is aimed at meeting the growing demand for graduates who can help communities and the industry to better manage the environment and its resources. It deals with some of the most current environmental issues facing the world today such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, disaster risk reduction, waste management, pollution, land degradation, energy use and sustainable resource use.

Course Outline 


Semester I

                Semester II

First Year -  

BMG101: Ethics And Sustainability In Society

Introduction to Computer science
Communication and study skills
Introduction to Economics
Introduction to land & Water Resources

Introduction to computer software packages
Introduction to Economics
Communication and study skills II
Fundamentals of Ecology

Second Year

Environment and Development
Fundamentals of Chemistry
Global Weather and Climate Systems
Remote Sensing
Environmental Applications of GIS

Principles of Hydrology & Geomorphology
Environmental Geology
Environmental Chemistry
Conservation Biology
Land Resources Management

Third Year

Environmental Sociology
Environmental Law
Integrated Water Resource Management
Environmental Economics
Waste Management

Environmental Health
Environmental Education
Human Development
Entrepreneurship Practice
Land use Planning
Vocational Attachment

Fourth Year

Environmental Planning and Management
Environmental Policy and Practice
Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Energy Resources and the Environment
Research Methods

Sustainable Development & the Urban Environment
Introduction to International Relations
Politics of Environmental Policy
Research Project

Career Opportunities

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