Bachelor of Local Government Administration and Management

This programme is aimed at inculcating concepts, theories and techniques in Local Government Management.  The Programme will explore the principles underlying Local Government and factors that influence policy formulation and strategic change in a decentralized environment.


1.       To identify the role of local authorities and other related statutory bodies in National Development

2.       To examine management of local authorities and other related organizations in relation to effective national administration and development

3.       To evaluate the administrative and secretarial functions required in the disposal of local authority business

4.       To evaluate the conduct of Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections

5.       To examine various possible sources of local revenue required to discharge local authority functions

6.       To evaluate the delicate balance of central - local relations within the Zambian Local Government system 

7.       To assess the working of partnerships between local authorities and local communities; NGOs and CBOs in accelerating development within local authority areas

8.       Undertake a comparative study of Local Government systems in Africa and globally to examine various forms of Democracy and how they impact on service delivery

9.       Examine various forms of Decentralization, Democracy and their impact on service delivery 

Course outline


Semester I

                Semester II

First Year -  

  1. SSF111 Fundamentals of Social Sciences I 
  2. SSE121 Introduction to Micro Economics 
  3. BCS151 Communication and Study Skills 
  4. SIR111 Introduction to Political Science 
  5. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainability in Society
  1.  SSF112 Fundamentals of Social Sciences II 
  2. SSE122 Introduction to Macro Economics 
  3. ICT132 Introduction to Computer Software Packages 
  4. SIR112 Politics in Developing Countries 
  5. SPA112 Introduction to Public Administration 
  6. BEN142 Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Second Year

  1. SPA221 Organization Theory 
  2. SLG221 Local Government Administration 
  3. SSS241 Qualitative Social Research Methods 
  4. BHR211 Human Resource Management I 
  5. BAC211 Principles of Accounting I

  1. SPA212 National Government and Administration 
  2. SSS242 Quantitative Social Research Methods 
  3. BHR212 Human Resource Management II 
  4. BAC212 Principles of Accounting II 
  5. SSS232 African Ideologies

Third Year

  1. SLG331 Local Government Finance 
  2. SPA311 Development Administration 
  3. SPA321 Public Policy Analysis 
  4. BAC331 Financial Management & Risk Appraisal
  5. LIR331 Industrial Relations I

  1. SLG312 Social and Local Government Services 
  2. LIR352 Administrative Law 
  3. SEC332 Public Finance 
  4. BMK382 Service Marketing 
  5. LIR332 Industrial Relations II

Fourth Year

  1.  SLG441 Public Procurement 
  2. SLG421 Comparative Local Government Administration 
  3. SLG431 Local Government Law I 
  4. SPA421 Public Enterprise Management 
  5. SSS471 Human Development 
  6. Research Data Collection

  1. SPA412 Strategic Management in the Public Sector 
  2. SLG432 Local Government Law II 
  3. SPA422 Ethics in Public Sector Management 
  4. DES412 Disaster Reduction and Risk Management 
  5. SSS442 Research Project


 Target Group

a)    School Leavers

b)    Executive Officers, Administrative Officers, Human Resources and Training Officers (Local Government Officers and Civil Servants).  Public Programme Managers and Co-coordinators in the Public, Private and Not-for Institutions

c)    Local Government Officers, Civil Servants and Other Public Officers

Core Courses

The Degree is a single concentration Programme and core courses include University and School courses in 1st and 2nd year.  Local Government core courses in the 3rd and 4th year include the following:

             Introduction to Local Government

             Fundamentals of Political Science

             National Government and Administration

             General Principles of Law

             Comparative Local Government

             Local Government Finance and Accounting

             Social Services I and II

             Local Government Administration

             Constitutional and Administrative Law

             Rural and Urban Development

             Service Marketing in Local government

             Local Government Law I and II

             Environmental Management

             Capstone Project in Local Government


The programme does not provide for specific electives except in special cases, following academic guidelines, a student may be allowed to pursue a course in another Programme in the School of Social Sciences or in another School of the University.

Field attachment

Students will be placed on field attachment in order to acquire practical experience in Local Government Administration in various Local Authorities.  This will be based on proper guidance by the school.  The attachment will be effected at the end of the third year semester two.

Capstone Research Project

The research project will demonstrate what students have learnt about the strategic role that Local Government plays in national development.  The student will choose a topic in their area of interest and with faculty approval and guidance conduct research in preparation for the final report.

The completed project will demonstrate the student’s ability to conduct comprehensive research and articulate original ideas and thought processes that make a practical contribution to the existing body of knowledge in Local Government Administration.