Semester I


Semester II


First Year

  1. BMG101 Ethics and sustainable Behaviour
  2. MSM131 Business Mathematics
  3. BCS151 Communication and Study Skills
  4. ICT131 Introduction to Computer Science
  5. SSE121 Introduction to Microeconomics
  1. SSE122 Introduction to Macroeconomics  
  2. BEN142 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship I
  3. BMK142 Principles of Marketing
  4. ICT132 Introduction to Computer Packages
  5. BMG142 Fundamentals of Management

Second Year

  1.  BAC211 Accounting
  2. MSS231 Business statistics
  3. BMG291 Human Resource Management
  4. LIR251 Business Law I
  5. BMK241 New Product Development


  1. BMK222Customer Relationship Marketing
  2. LIR252 Business Law II
  3. BMK242 Advertising Principles
  4. BMK232 Public Relations Foundation
  5. BAC212 Principles of Accounting II

Third Year

  1. BMG381 Organizational behaviour and Leadership
  2. BMK331 Digital Communication Management
  3. BMK301 Consumer Behaviour
  4. BEN371 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship II
  5. BMK341 Social Marketing


  1.  BBC362 Business Communication
  2. BMK392 Tourism Marketing
  3. BMK382 Service Marketing
  4. BMK302 Marketing Research
  5. BMK332 Advertising Campaign Development


Fourth Year

  1. BMK401 Business Research I
  2. BMK471 International Marketing
  3. BMK431 Marketing Communications
  4. BMK481 Selling and Sales Management
  5. BMK391 Strategic Marketing


  1. BMK402 Business Research II
  2. BMK442 Events Marketing
  3. BMG452 Operations Research
  4. BEN482 International Business


  1. BEN411 Intellectual Property Rights