Bachelor of Public Administration

The contemporary Public Sector is highly complex in that it is facing serious resource constraints.  In addition, there is a high l evel of awareness of rights among citizens leading to demand for quality public goods and services.

This programme is intended to explore the models of traditional Public Administration and the “New Public Management vis-à-vis Strategic Management”.  This is in order to broaden the knowledge of students in the field as well as equip them with analytical and management skills to help them meet the challenges of the public sector and contribute to its effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

In terms of career prospects, students can work as Executive Officers, Managers, Planners, Human Resource Practitioners, Local Government Officials and other related positions in the Public and Private Sectors, and Non-for Profit Organizations.

Course outline


Semester I

                Semester II

First Year 

  1. SSF111 Fundamentals of Social Sciences I
  2. SSE121 Introduction to Micro Economics 
  3. BCS151 Communication and Study Skills 
  4. SIR111 Introduction to Political Science 
  5. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainability in Society


  1. SSF112 Fundamentals of Social Sciences II 
  2. SSE122 Introduction to Macro Economics 
  3. ICT132 Introduction to Computer Software Packages 
  4. SIR112 Politics in Developing Countries 
  5. BEN142 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Second Year

  1. SPA221 Organization Theory 
  2. SLG221 Local Government Administration 
  3. BHR211 Human Resource Management 
  4. SSS211 Theories and Practices of Development 
  5. SSS241 Qualitative Social Research Methods

  1. SPA212 National Government and Administration 
  2. SSW222 Community Development 
  3. BHR212Human Resource Management 
  4. SSS242 Quantitative Social Research Methods 
  5. SSS232 African Ideologies

Third Year

  1. SPA311 Development Administration 
  2. SPA321 Public Policy Analysis 
  3. SSS351 Gender and Development 
  4. LIR331 Industrial Relations I 
  5. BHR331 Organization Development I

  1. SPA312 Comparative Public Administration 
  2. LIR352 Administrative Law 
  3. SEC332 Public Finance 
  4. LIR332 Industrial Relations II 
  5. BHR332 Organization Development II

Fourth Year

  1. SPA411 Public Management 
  2. SPA421 Public Enterprise Management 
  3. SPA431 Programme Evaluation 
  4. SSS471 Human Development 
  5. LIR431 Employment and Labour Law

  1. SPA412 Strategic Management in the Public Sector 
  2. SPA422 Ethics in Public Sector Management 
  3. DES432 Environmental Management and Planning 
  4. SSS442 Research Project 
  5. LIR432 Employment and Labour Law

 Programme Objectives

 Upon completion of the programme graduates should be able to:

                 Competently analyze and apply Concepts, Theories, Techniques and Procedures in Public Administration and Management

                 Acquire competency to advise Government and Non-Governmental Leaders on the processes of Formulating, Implementing and Evaluating Public Policy and Programmes

                 Apply ethical behavioral and professional standards in Public Administration and Management

                 Explore and Evaluate the Political, Social, Economic and Cultural Environment of Public policy

 Target Group

 a)    School Leavers

 b)  Executive Officers, Administrative Officers, Human Resources and Training Officers and Public Programmes Managers and Coordinators in Public, Private, Non-Governmental and Non-For-Profit Institutions