Semester I


Semester II


First Year

  1. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainable Behaviour
  2. MSM131  Mathematics
  3. SSE121  Introduction to Micro economics
  4. BCS151  Communication and Study Skills 1
  5. PSM101  Purchasing and Business Environment 
  1. SSE122  Introduction to Macro economics
  2. MSM192 Business mathematics
  3. BEN142  Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship  I
  4. BCS152  Communication and Study Skills II
  5. ICT132  Introduction to Computer Software Packages  

Second Year

  1.  BAC211 Principles of Accounting I
  2. PSM211 Purchasing Management
  3.  MSS241 Business statistics I
  4. BMG241 Principles of Management
  5. LIR25 Business Law I


  1. BAC212  Principles of Accounting II
  2. PSM212  Inventory Management
  3. MSS242 Business Statistics II
  4. LIR252  Business Law II
  5. BMK242  Principles of Marketing 

Third Year

  1. PSM311  Contract Management
  2. BMG391  Human Resource Management
  3. BAC311  Cost and Management Accounting I
  4. BAC331  Financial Management and Risk Appraisal
  5. BMG381  Organizational behavior 
  1. PSM322  Sourcing in Procurement and Supply
  2. PSM332  Project Management
  3. BAC312  Cost and Management Accounting I
  4. PSM312  Warehousing & Transport Management
  5. BBC362 Business Communication

Fourth Year

  1. PSM421 Public and Foreign Procurement
  2. PSM411 Strategic Procurement
  3. BMG401 Business Research Methods
  4. BMG391 Performance Management
  5. BMG461 Strategic Management 
  1. BEN482  International Business
  2. PSM422  Supply Chain Management
  3. BEN412  Effective Negotiations
  4. BMG452  Operations Management
  5. BMG402  Final Research Project