Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Education(BSc Ed)

                                                           Programme Structure


Semester I

                Semester II

First Year 

  1. EDU111 Development of Education in Zambia
  2. BCS151 Communication and Study Skills
  3. BMG101 Ethics and Sustainable Behaviour in Society
  4. ICT131 Introduction to Computer Science
  5. MSM111 Mathematical Methods I


  1. EDU112 Education and Development
  2. ICT132 Introduction to Computer Software
  3. MSM112 Mathematical Methods II
  4. MSS162 Introduction to Probability and Statistics II
  5. MSM142 Analytical Geometry

Second Year

  1. EDU211 Educational Psychology
  2. MSM211 Mathematical Methods III
  3. MSM221 Linear Algebra I
  4. MSM231 Real Analysis I
  5. MSS261 Introduction to Probability and Statistics II

  1. EDU212 Sociology of Education
  2. MSS262 Introduction to Methods of Survey Sampling
  3. MSM222 Linear Algebra II
  4. MSS232 Real Analysis II
  5. MSM212 Mathematical Methods IV

Third Year

  1. EDU311 Special Needs Education
  2. MSM311 Mathematical Methods V
  3. MSM381 Numerical Analysis I
  4. MSM361 Linear Models
  5. MSM321 Topology
  1. EDU332 Gender and Sexuality Education
  2. EDU312 Education Measurement and Evaluation
  3. EDU302 School Experience
  4. EDU322 Mathematics Teaching Methods.
  5. MSM382 Numerical Analysis II
  6. MSM312 Mathematical Methods VI

Fourth Year

  1. EDU401 Educational Research Methods
  2. EDU411 Educational Management and Administration
  3. MSM485 Introduction to Financial Mathematics
  4. MSM431 Functional Analysis
  5. MSM451 Theories of Functions of a Complex Variable I

  1. EDU402 Research Project
  2. EDU432 General Teaching Methods
  3. EDU412 Curriculum Studies  
  4. EDU422 Advanced Mathematical Teaching Methods
  5. MSM542 Theories of Functions of a Complex Variable II
  6. MSM 432 Measure Theory