Semester I


Semester II


First Year

  1. MBA811 Management Theory and Practice
  2. MBA821 Basic Financial Accounting
  3. MBA831 Micro and Macro Economics
  4. MBA841 Marketing Management
  5. MBA851 Research Method
  1. MBA812 Human resource Management/ Organisational Behaviour
  2. MBA822 Cost and Management  Accounting
  3. MBA832 Managerial Economics and Decision Making in a Global Environment
  4. MBA842 Strategic  Management and Business Policy
  5. MBA900 Management Research Development and Report

Second Year

  1. MBA911 Managing Diversity and Cultural Differences
  2. MBA921 Financial Management
  3. MBA931 Business Law and Labour Relations
  4. MBA941 International Business/Doing Business in the global village
  5. MBA951 Operations and Production Management


  1. MBA912 Leadership and Change Management
  2. MBA922 MIS and Communication(with application of an ERP)
  3. MBA932 Conflict Negotiations, & Labour  Dynamics
  4. MBA942 Corporate Governance and Environmental Sustainability
  5. MBA900 Business Practice Seminars and Presentation of Research Report