Dean of Students

I am glad to welcome both current and prospective Students to Mulungushi University Dean of Students Office.  The Dean of Students Office is located as you turn to your right, after the Computer Laboratory.

The main role of the Dean of Students Office is to ensure that Students have a home away from home.  Considering that Students spend most of their time in the University premises, it is important for our Office to make their stay as comfortable as possible. 

The Office of the Dean of Students comprises of the following units; Administrative Unit, Career Guidance and Counselling Unit, Sport and Recreation Unit and Catering Unit. 

These units are operational and Students can access these Services. 
The Administrative Officer oversees the administration of Student Accommodation Services.  The Student Counsellors oversee the Career Guidance and Counseling Services.  Please make use of these Services.  The Sports Officer oversees the Sport and Recreation activities in the University.  As the old saying states, “a health mind in a health body”.  It is only through active participation in sports that this saying can be realized.  The Sport Officer offers various sports disciplines.  The Students are free to participate in the sport of their choice.


Please as you join Mulungushi University, refrain from engaging in undesirable activities such as abuse of drugs and alcohol. Adherence to Student Rules and Regulations is a must.

Our aim is to ensure that Students think less of home but more of their academic engagements as we play our part in fulfilling the mission of the University which states; “To Provide High Quality Academic Programmes, Research and Consultancy Services Through Stakeholder Engagement”.