Statement delivered by the Vice Chancellor of Mulungushi University, Professor Hellicy C. Ngambi   at International Relations Capacity Building Workshop for Staff of Public & International Relations Department, National Assembly of Zambia

; Theme :Re-positioning the National Assembly in advancing Zambia’s national interest in rapidly changing world; Twangale Park, Lusaka  Tuesday 24 July, 2018

Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Zambia; Dr. Patrick Matibini, SC

 Distinguished Clerk of the National Assembly of the Republic of Zambia, Mrs. Cecilia Mbewe,

 Esteemed participants in this International Relations Capacity Building Workshop

 Dean and Esteemed Resource Persons from the School of Social Sciences of Mulungushi University,

 Media Organizations here present

 Ladies and Gentlemen

 I am deeply honored and highly privileged to deliver this statement at the opening session of this this very important workshop. I trust that almighty god in his infinite wisdom and compassion will guide this Workshop to a fruitful and auspicious conclusion. This workshop is being held under the theme and I quote, “Re-positioning the National Assembly in advancing Zambia’s national interest in rapidly changing world”.  In my view, there could not be a better theme, in view of the volatile and unpredictable character of international relations in the second decade of the 21st Century.


Madame Clerk of the National Assembly , invited guests, ladies and gentlemen The workshop content has been designed in response to request from the National Assembly for capacity enhancement of staff in the Public & International Relations Department.


As Vice Chancellor of Mulungushi University, I was most delighted when I received the invitation to the University to conduct the Workshop, because Mulungushi University is the only public university in Zambia that offers a Bachelor of International Relations & Development Degree (BIRD).  I was therefore supremely confident that the Lecturers who teach international relations in the School of Social Sciences were up to the task of serving as effective Resource Persons at the this Workshop

Allow me ladies and gentlemen to analyze the Workshop theme:  in a little more detail. Current developments in international relations seem to portend increasing global instability and insecurity. The World Order, as we have known it since the end of the Second World War is undergoing profound and very dramatic convulsions.


Major international treaties that have underpinned international stability and security are being   undermined and this can only fuel anarchy and disorder in international relations. Madame Clerk of the National Assembly, sometimes I feel that even the future of the United Nations Organization (UN), the institutional pillar that has promoted international peace and security since World War II, is worryingly uncertain      

Thus; Madame Clerk, the Honourable Mr. Speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini, Members of Parliament and staff members of the National Assembly’s Public & International Relations Department carry an onerous burden to protect the interest of our people in our sovereign nation of Zambia. It is therefore, imperative that the National Assembly re-positions itself   to safeguard Zambia’s supreme national interest from the unpredictable consequences that may result from the current instability and uncertainty in international relations. 

Madame Clerk of the National Assembly, Mulungushi University is therefore deeply honored to contribute to enhancement of capacities of staff members of the Public & International Relations Department of the National Assembly; to enable them to better grasp the complexities and dynamics of a rapidly changing world.

I would also like to express the expectation that in addition to deliberating the solemn issues of war and peace, economic diplomacy, Zambia’s Foreign Policy, Politics of Climate Change, Ratification of International Agreements etc, Workshop participants will be exposed to Mulungushi University’s core philosophy of RARE. Those who go through training programmes offered by Mulungushi University are expected to project; Responsibility, Accountability, Relevance and  Ethical Conduct in their professional endeavors.  Indeed I believe and trust that if we all became RARE (Responsible, Accountable, Relevant and Ethical) we will ensure that we work and do everything above-board.  I therefore, encourage participants taking part in this Workshop to embrace Mulungushi University’s value system (RARE) in your work. This will help enhance participants’ capacities to function as Responsible, Accountable, Relevant and Ethical Staff Members of the National Assembly.  

Before I conclude, I appeal to Staff Members of the Public & International Relations Department of the National Assembly to serve as Goodwill Ambassadors/Special Envoys to project Mulungushi University’s ‘soft power’ to Zambia’s citizenry. I am reliably informed that you have received badges from the University. Please wear the badges visibly and proudly; and I implore you to speak favorably of Mulungushi University. This, after all, is the essence of diplomacy  

Distinguished Madam Clerk of the National Assembly, esteemed Workshop participants and the media, invited guest ladies and gentlemen with these few words allow me to wish Workshop participants every success in your deliberations.

Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU.